Luochuan: Departmental linkage to jointly improve forest fire prevention early warning capability

China National Meteorological News correspondent Party Hongxia reported that the Luochuan County Meteorological Bureau of Shaanxi Province and the County Forestry Bureau jointly established a forest fire monitoring and defense system, and formulated the "Emergency Plan for Disposal of Forest Fire Accidents" to comprehensively improve the forest fire warning capability. Construction of "Green Luochuan" to protect the escort.
The Luochuan County Meteorological Bureau provides satellite fire location, overfire area and fire spread for the first time through the satellite remote sensing tracking and monitoring, atmospheric electric field instrument, lightning locator and rocket lightning protection. The lightning monitoring data and forecasting warning are accurately provided. Product; forest fire prevention period to release forest fire risk grade forecast to the society every day, provide weather forecast and forecast information for county fire prevention office; provide timely and accurate information on meteorological information and weather changes to county forest fire prevention headquarters and fire front line headquarters when forest fires occur, Perform satellite remote sensing monitoring on the fire scene and implement artificial rainfall operations in a timely manner. Provide scientific basis for the forestry department to master forest fires, lightning disaster investigations and post-disaster relief work.

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Nov.12, 2018