Lixin government attaches great importance to the work of lightning safety

Lixin county, Anhui Province People's Government of Production Safety Commission issued "on the further strengthening lightning safety work notice", this is the Safety Committee Lixin County People's Government for six consecutive years issued a document on lightning disaster reduction work.

"Notice" requirement of the township people's governments and relevant departments should earnestly fulfill their safety responsibilities effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and mission to lightning disaster reduction into government responsibility for security management by objectives, and as an important part of safety inspection. Requirements meteorological departments should fully carry out the administrative functions of the lightning disaster, lightning facilities strengthen detection and tracking services. Lightning protection devices to implement the annual inspection system, the relevant units to actively cooperate with the initiative to accept lightning detection mechanism means periodic safety testing.

This notice is issued this year to carry out rapid Lixin County lightning work has laid a good foundation, but also provides a good policy environment for the upcoming flood season lightning safety testing.

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May. 16, 2016