Living Reminder: is your house protected from lighting and surge?

Bohai News: Lightning seemed very far away from everyday life, but every year it will bring the public is not a small loss. Now, many buildings are there hidden dangers of lightning surge protection devices, especially with the increase in urban high-rise buildings, communications equipment, computers and other modern equipment with weak anti-interference ability is becoming increasingly popular, many electrical appliances within the family would "lead Ray burglary ", ranging from Jihuai appliances, while in life-threatening. Therefore, be sure to view the new home purchase real estate whether there is "acceptance certificate lightning protection devices. "
Professionals, said that members of the public to judge whether the mine own home, you can see if mine facilities residential certificate; see whether there is a safe residential roof lightning protection facilities, the lightning rod or lightning protection zone; check whether there are anti-distribution box Lei ground terminal; check house if the socket is within the safety ground wire; the external walls of large high-rise residential metal doors, windows and other metal structure, whether to take the safety grounding; if there were other potential housing box (row), the device generally pre-Installed in the bathroom; beyond the iron roof and top of the lightning protection device is connected, such as solar water heaters, water tanks.