Linxia: to carry out a hundred days of lightning safety special inspection

Recently, Gansu Province Linxia Bureau of Meteorology launched a long-term mechanism to establish lightning safety supervision, to prevent lightning safety accidents as the goal of lightning protection management Hundred Days of action. Hundred Days will be mobilized through the deployment, strengthening publicity, self-examination and self-correction, rectification and implementation, sectoral linkage, comprehensive management, sorting out analysis, summary reporting and other four stages.

At that time, the State Bureau of Meteorology will work with the State Administration of Work Safety in the units of self-examination and correction, rectification and implementation on the basis of statewide lightning safety special inspection. The main contents include: whether the installation of lightning protection devices in accordance with the relevant provisions of the State has been installed in all kinds of buildings, computer equipment, communication network systems, communication facilities, electric power facilities, flammable and explosive warehouses and crowded places; Whether or not to install lightning protection devices, lightning protection design is approved by the meteorological department for approval, testing, inspection; in the state within the scope of lightning engineering design, construction of the project, the construction of the project; Whether the unit has a lightning protection engineering professional design and construction qualification certificate or induction certificate; the unit lightning protection facilities test results are in line with regulatory requirements, whether the implementation of mine safety responsibility system in place, lightning safe working files are sound and perfect. Will be found on the outstanding issues and security risks in accordance with the law shall be ordered to rectify the relevant units within a time limit.

Lightning Safety Management Hundred Days after the end of the action, the State Security Commission Office of the action will be carried out within a certain range of notification, the results will be notified as a unit of production safety management objectives of the implementation of an important assessment indicators.

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Oct. 03, 2016