Lightning zone with lightning introduction

 Lightning zone with lightning introduction

Lightning arrester is also called surge protectors. Lightning arrester is to due to lightning induction fleeing power lines, high voltage signal transmission line is limited to a certain range, to ensure that electrical equipment is not breakdown. Arrester common variety, can be divided into three categories, there are intermittent discharge type, valve type, and transmission line shunt.

Equipment damaged by lightning usually have four cases, one is struck by lightning and direct damage; the second is connected to the device along the lightning pulse signal lines, power lines or other metal pipes invasion so damaged equipment; the third is equipment grounding in generated when the lightning ground potential to form an instant high potential "fight back" and damage; Fourth improper installation methods or installation location by lightning in the spatial distribution of the electric field, magnetic field and damage. Installation of electrical equipment at both ends of the arrester can actually withstand voltage limits in a safe voltage, played the role of protective equipment.

Comprehensive lightning is relative to a comprehensive local lightning and single measure of. In addition to the design of the specific circumstances of the protected object, but also understand the weather and lightning activity patterns of environmental conditions surrounding the fenced area, to determine the direct lightning strikes and lightning protection level and the main technical parameters. Take comprehensive measures to lightning. Program-controlled switches, computer equipment placed near a window, or to place at the top of the building is not conducive to lightning. The computer room on the top four high-rise buildings, or equipment where the height above the roof with lightning, these practices are very vulnerable to lightning attacks.

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