Lightning & surge protection industry new development opportunity

As China's domestic insulation products industry technology level, as well as Southeast Asia, South Asia and other countries around the rapid economic development. Our main business income of mine industry also continued rapid growth, the annual average growth rate of close to 25%. 

In China's rapid economic development, the development of China's power industry in recent years, more rapidly, while the generator capacity increase every year. Power industry is the major application markets arrester, lightning power transmission equipment as an integral part of the development of power industry are inseparable. 

With China's implementation in power planning, power grid construction will be the rapid development of its remarkable features in its long distance and large capacity advantages over UHV conditions, will lead to millions of volts Power Transmission and Transformation series for surge protective device demand high standards. EHV large capacity development, will promote the national cross-regional UHV interconnection projects, improve product performance requirements for insulators, the intensity level is high, good performance and high reliability stain insulator mine will be the future focus of the industry the development of products.

It is lightning & surge protection industry new development opportunity, FATECH needs to keep on quality improving and to get this opportunty.