Lightning surge protection devices for solar water heaters

Lightning surge protection devices for solar water heaters

Municipal Meteorological Bureau lightning experts, solar water heater is installed in the top of the building, if the lightning protection system is imperfect, it will become a lead lightning equipment , easy to play the role of lightning rod. Especially in the old city , buildings lightning protection measures is missing, install solar water heaters in the highest point of the roof is completely exposed in the lightning Watch range. If it is not effective lightning protection , once the lightning strikes, not only solar water heater will be damaged , lightning current will be along water pipes, power lines into the bathroom and indoor cable network , ranging from causing interior damage to electrical appliances , weight may resulting in injury or death.

Therefore, when the installation of solar water heaters , the best professional and technical personnel to install lightning protection instead of their own free installation , in order to avoid security risks. Moreover , the installation location should be far more appliances from exterior walls or pillars . Encountered a thunderstorm , do not use televisions, washing machines , microwave ovens and other electrical equipment.

In addition , different  types of buildings , communication facilities , power facilities, electronic information network systems, particularly oil, gas, coal and fire hazard explosive mine facilities must be installed , should be regularly by professional and technical personnel lightning safety performance testing, in order to effectively reduce the loss caused due to lightning .

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