Lightning's merits

Manufacture nitrogen fertilizer
Lightning's important achievement is the manufacture of nitrogen fertilizers. The process of lightning is inseparable from lightning. The temperature of lightning is extremely high, generally above 30,000 degrees, which is five times the surface temperature of the sun! Lightning also causes high voltage. Under high temperature and high voltage conditions, air molecules will ionize. When they recombine, the nitrogen and oxygen in them will combine into nitrite and nitrate molecules, and dissolve in the rain water to fall to the ground and become a natural nitrogen fertilizer. According to estimates, there are 400 million tons of nitrogen fertilizers that fall to the ground each year due to lightning. If all these nitrogen fertilizers fall on the land, it is equivalent to applying about two kilograms of nitrogen per acre of ground, which is equivalent to ten kilograms of ammonium sulfate!
Promote biological growth
Lightning can also promote biological growth. When lightning strikes, the electric field strength on the ground and in space can reach more than 10,000 volts per centimeter. Affected by such a strong potential difference, the plant's photosynthesis and respiration are enhanced. Therefore, plant growth and metabolism are particularly strong within one to two days after a thunderstorm. Some people stimulated the crop with lightning and found that peas branched earlier, and the number of branches increased, and the flowering period was half a month earlier; corn heading was earlier seven days; and cabbage increased by 15 to 20 percent. Not only that, if the crop can meet five to six thunderstorms during its growth period, its maturity will also be advanced by about a week.
Make negative oxygen ions
Lightning produces negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions, also known as air vitamins, can play the role of disinfection, sterilization and air purification. After the thunderstorm, the high concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air makes the air exceptionally fresh and people feel relaxed and happy. Experiments have shown that negative oxygen ions called "air vitamins" are very beneficial to human health.
Pollution-free energy
Lightning is a non-polluting energy source. It can reach 100 to 1 billion joules in one discharge. There is the word "Thunderbolt" in Chinese idioms. Using this huge impact force, you can compact the soft base, thereby saving a lot of energy for construction projects. According to the principle of high-frequency induction heating, the high temperature generated by lightning can expand the water in the rock to achieve the purpose of breaking rock and mining ore. Unfortunately, humans cannot use it yet.

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June. 29, 2020