Lightning protection will not affect human health

"A lightning strike may cause death, can get professional treatment is critical," said Zhang Yijun, in China, the proportion of deaths by lightning and lightning injured the number is close to 1: 1, that is, people who have been struck by lightning, half died. However, in some developed countries, the ratio is more than 1: 1.5 or so, they have lower death rates because of lightning know more about scientific knowledge and treatment methods.

Zhang Yijun also introduced, was hit by lightning in the crowd, farmers accounted for 26%, while the public only 2.3%; hit by lightning in the death of the population, the gap between urban and rural areas the proportion of larger, farmers accounted for 33.1%, the public only 2%.

Today, many high-rise buildings are equipped with lightning protection, lightning protection facilities close to some of the residents fear that the electromagnetic radiation will not affect human health? Zhang Yijun explained, whether lightning and other lightning facilities, or tower, is usually more lightning strikes high, it will produce electromagnetic radiation, but this will not cause harm, but there may be coupled to the external walls of the circuit, and thus can damage electronic equipment. "Residents do not have to worry about health problems, but to make the necessary circuit protection."

Zhang Yijun also mentioned that a lot of people living in the presence of mine errors, for example, a lot of people know the shelter under a big tree, struck by lightning more likely, but mistaken in the open is not easy to be struck by lightning, in fact, in the open zone, people conductive paste itself is easier to lightning, "cited over." Proper lightning protection measures is to find the nearest building is equipped with lightning protection facilities to avoid.

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July. 18, 2016