Lightning protection tips

 Pay attention to the following points when lightning occurs
★Stay indoors and close doors and windows. When it is not possible to hide in buildings with lightning protection facilities in the wild, metal items such as watches and glasses should be taken off. Never take shelter from the rain in places close to power sources, big trees and electric poles. Try to reduce the height of your body to reduce the risk of direct lightning strikes. The feet should be as close as possible, and the contact with the ground as small as possible, in order to reduce the "step voltage". The best protective places in the wild are caves, ditches, canyons or glades under tall trees.
★It is not advisable to use electrical appliances such as TVs and stereos that have no or insufficient lightning protection measures. Keep away from open doors, windows and metal pipes. Unplug electrical appliances, turn off electrical appliances and gas switches. Never use hair dryers, electric shavers, etc. Faucets should not be used.
★Do not touch live equipment such as antennas, water pipes, barbed wire, metal doors and windows, building exterior walls, or other similar metal devices. Do not collect clothes on the clothesline or wire. Do not install fences, telephones or power lines, pipelines or construction steel. Never dispose of flammable items in open containers.
★ Do not or reduce the use of telephones and mobile phones. Do not stay near iron fences, metal clotheslines, overhead metal bodies, and railroad tracks. Do not stand on top of a mountain, on top of a building, or close to objects with high conductivity. It is not suitable to enter and be close to low buildings such as buildings without lightning protection facilities, garages, carports, temporary sheds, and sentry boxes.
★Do not swim or engage in other water sports or activities. Do not stay in swimming pools, lakes, seashores, paddy fields and other places and boats. Outdoor ball games are not suitable. It is not advisable to use an umbrella in an open field. It is not suitable to carry hoes, shovels, badminton rackets, fishing rods, golf clubs, etc. on your shoulders.
★When you feel electrical charges on your body, such as your hair standing up, or your skin trembles significantly, you should understand that you may be shocked, and you should immediately fall to the ground and call for help after the lightning.
★It is not suitable to ride a horse, ride a bicycle, drive a motorcycle or a small tractor. Automobiles are often excellent lightning protection facilities because of their shielding effect. Even if lightning strikes the car, it will not hurt people.
How should the unit take precautions against lightning disasters?
★The unit shall regularly inspect the lightning protection facilities by a qualified professional lightning protection inspection agency to assess whether the lightning protection facilities meet the requirements of national regulations.
★The unit shall set up a person responsible for lightning protection to be responsible for lightning protection safety, establish various lightning protection safety work specifications, and establish a regular inspection system for various lightning protection facilities. After thunderstorms, safety inspections should be carried out, and daily maintenance of facilities should be done. After a thunderstorm, check whether the overvoltage protector installed on the power supply and signal line of electrical equipment such as telephone program-controlled switches, computers, etc. is damaged. If damage is found, replace it in time.
★In the design and construction of lightning protection facilities, the construction unit shall comprehensively consider factors such as geology, soil, meteorology, environment, characteristics of protected objects and the law of lightning activities, and adopt safe, reliable, technologically advanced, economical and reasonable design and construction methods .
★Should adopt lightning protection equipment, devices and equipment with technology and quality in line with national standards, and avoid using non-standard lightning protection products and devices.
★The lightning protection system should be redesigned and constructed at the same time for newly added construction and new installation equipment. For example, the re-laying of computer network cables, the shifting and heightening of outdoor antennas, etc. should all be redesigned and constructed.
★In the event of a lightning disaster, the situation should be reported to the relevant departments in time to deal with it in time to avoid another lightning strike.

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July. 27, 2020