Lightning protection new technology - laser guided lightning & strike

In a new study published in the American Institute of Physics the journals "AIPAdvances" magazine on February 17, the French research team laser beam grazed a spherical electrode and then reaches an opposite charge on the plane electrode. This laser beam via path of atoms stripped of its outer electron manufacturing a channel to guide the discharge process of the planar electrode to the spherical electrodes. In order to verify whether this channel can discharge path from the natural state to be directed state, the researchers added a tip electrode, lightning tends to hit the nearest object (the state of nature is the highest object). Lower channel hit position in the case of no laser discharge always hit position higher tip electrode With the laser along the laser manufacturing a spherical, rather than the tip electrode.
August 18, 2011, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) using a 20-watt laser to help eliminate atmospheric blurring caused by the observed impact across the sky, lightning (storm and lightning was not close to the Hong Kong Observatory).
French scientists completion of an experiment using a laser guided discharge path, in the laboratory using a laser pulse to artificially create an air plasma channels deviate from the path of the lightning discharge. This achievement is expected to be used in lightning protection devices.
French scientists said, now can guide laboratory generated lightning repeatedly struck the same location. The positioning feat from femtoseconds (one ten-millionth of a second) the grade laser pulse a virtual manufacturing ionizing air "lightning rod". This is the first successful use of laser-induced formation of air channels to guide the discharge path. The experiment shows the potential of laser lightning rod in terms of research and as a protective device, quoted Ray rocket can be an effective alternative.