Lightning Protection Inspection and Treatment of Line

June 28, Pingyin County power supply company on the county within the 15 110 kV, 25 35 kV transmission line lightning protection facilities to check and control activities ended, effectively ensuring the thunderstorm season transmission lines safe and reliable operation.

In recent years, Pingyin area frequent lightning activities, coupled with the transmission line points, wide, long line, to the safe operation of the line has brought serious impact. In order to effectively deal with lightning activities, Pingyin County power supply company as early as possible, and actively carry out the special line of lightning transmission inspection and management work, timely detection and elimination of hidden dangers and defects to ensure that the transmission lines in the thunderstorm season safe operation.

In the inspection and management work, Pingyin County power supply company on the one hand in accordance with the requirements of the operating procedures, combined with grounding resistance test account, according to the transmission line grounding resistance test cycle of the transmission line grounding resistance test, timely detection of the problem, to ensure that lightning On the other hand on the grounding network, overhead ground, grounding devices and the surge in the arrester to conduct a comprehensive inspection of frequent lightning frequency areas of the important lines to install arrester, to further improve the ability of transmission lines to resist lightning hazards; the same time, But also on the line of porcelain insulators for a comprehensive test of the found zero and low value insulators in time to replace the insulator to ensure the effective creepage distance and sufficient insulation strength.

In a period of one month of special inspection and management work, Pingyin County Power Supply Company of 72 base 110 kV line tower, 160 base 35 kV line tower lightning protection check, a total elimination of grounding resistance resistance exceeded, grounding fracture And other issues failed 21, the new installation of three arrester, porcelain insulator replacement 4, welding lead to lead off line 6, to further enhance the transmission line lightning protection capability.

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July.24, 2017