Lightning protection construction should pay attention to the problem

 Lightning protection construction should pay attention to the problem 

In lightning engineering , test and experience through actual testing , anti- direct lightning strikes occur during construction and anti-lightning measures often following questions:

1. lightning belt , lead referrals , grounding, are connected pressure ring lap length is not enough, not full welding , weld slag there , weld , Weld , meat and bite holes, no knock welding slag and other defects .

2. mistake welded steel mesh to the connection point , weld ; cited as an external ground connection point or embedded parts leak detection point set . Especially the building structure conversion layer , because structural columns ( wall ) in the main steel adjustment , lightning deflectors welded steel miswired wrong happen. 

3. when the structural steel in place of lightning ( net ) and deflectors , welding galvanized layer does not brush rust damage ; or connecting pieces bolted untreated , film and the film is not tight and so touching .

4. cited under point spacing is too large , deflectors across Deformation at not additional compensation, unprotected wall tube wear . Grounding installation buried deep enough or have not been embalmed lead . 

5. metal roofing , such as pipes , ladders , flagpoles and equipment , such as Shell , lightning protection system is not connected to the roof , or lack of cross equipotential grounding wire diameter .

6. electrical equipment grounding ( zeroing ) branch line is not connected with the grounding line , the implementation of a series connection . When the multi-storey residential uses TN-S system , the line at the meter box office does not always repeat the ground , there is no requirement in the distribution by intercropping MEB.

7.  grounded in the form of low-voltage power distribution , surge protector (SPD) setup and installation process conditions , pipe-laying and shielding measures inconsistent with lightning design requirements .

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