Lightning prevention

In areas that are particularly prone to lightning strike fires, it is possible to artificially eliminate cloud and ground lightning and fundamentally eliminate lightning strike fires. The methods currently used: first, the use of jet aircraft to land and fly at a large angle to produce a towed downdraft, which can dissipate the clouds or reduce the cloud top, or spread solid materials such as clay and salt powder on the cloud top to cause the downdraft and produce precipitation; second, Destruction of the thunderstorm cloud's electrification mechanism, using aircraft to broadcast silver iodide, so that the thunderstorm cloud's electrification mechanism is destroyed; the third is to eliminate or weaken the charge center in the cloud, suppress the occurrence of lightning, such as spreading metal wire and other conductive materials, Weakening or neutralizing the charge center in the cloud reduces the electric field in the cloud, thereby eliminating lightning.
High-speed moving objects can also be used to induce lightning in the cloud and destroy the electrification mechanism of thunderstorm clouds. If a small rocket with a long wire tail is launched from the ground to the cloud to induce lightning in the cloud, the cloud-ground lightning can be eliminated, thereby avoiding forest lightning strike fire. Eliminating lightning can completely eliminate lightning strike fire, but its cost is very high, such as thunderstorm clouds caused by aircraft interference, lightning in the cloud caused by small rockets and so on. At present, most countries in the world use lightning to control fires in a timely and effective manner. Therefore, the prediction and forecast of lightning strike fire is one of the main measures for lightning prevention and disaster reduction.

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July. 20, 2020