Lightning on-line monitoring system introduction

 1.Lightning Introduction

Lightning is one of the worst natural disasters by " the United Nations International Decade ," published . The latest statistics show that losses caused by lightning has risen to the third place of natural disasters . The top 1 000 companies in USA , the average corporate loss of $ 0.2 million per year due to lightning.

2.The need for Lightning monitoring  equipment
Lightning , divided into anti- lightning directly stroke and secondary lightning .Online monitoring of the implementation of lightning andsurge protection equipment is based on the following reasons:

(1 ) Since most of the technical measures used is passive lightning and surge protection , can not  collect, analysis  the dataof number of lightning strikes and peak time that can not be done on-line monitoring of lightning protection equipment , so after a lighTherefore, the low-voltage electrical equipment need through the Lightning on-line monitoring systemto know whether there is lightning hazard.

( 2) Many mobile communication base stations, power unmanned substations also need to live in on-line monitoring data to help analyze .

(3) When a lightning strike occurs, the device is damaged , We do not know the real cause of damage ,only by replacing the equipment to solve the problem 

(4 ) FATECH ELECTRONIC LTD. specializes in the development and production of lightning surge arrester monitoring systems ,our product can help protect, collect and analysis the data of lightning strike occurs in time, and monitoring via the Internet in real time online .

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Nov.17 2014