Lightning CMA inspection team went to the comprehensive management of Yulin check mine work

September 13 -14, comprehensive management of interactive CMA mine inspection team led by the head of the edge Bazha Xi the deputy director of Shaanxi Provincial meteorological Bureau Party Zhicheng, Fang Leiban Wang Weimin, accompanied by the Director of the Council's lightning in Yulin conducted a thorough and detailed examination.
Inspection team heard the PUC social management in the mine, mine technical services, mine engineering and product companies within the industry lightning units, mine technical services units and mine engineering enterprise financial management and other aspects of Independent risk control work report, check out mine management and technical services of the relevant information, while Ba Zhaxi leader highly affirmed the mine management bureau in Yulin, Yulin lightning that work norms, procedures and reasonable construction of sound regulations. Through this interaction checking, field City Council will seriously study the advanced experience of mine management, active rectification own problems and shortcomings, Yulin City to further promote the healthy and orderly development of the mine disaster reduction.