Lightning capacity of buildings

Lightning protection device of buildings should include anti-lightning directly stroke, sideswipe thunder and lightning induction. If a part is missing, that means lightning capacity is deficiencies. Its hazards are as follows:

Lightning protection is imperfect, it is easy to damage buildings and electrical equipment.
Sideswipe lightning protection is imperfect, it will be damaged and pose a threat to its electrical equipment, personnel safety. When lightning induced protection is imperfect, not only when the lightning hit the building, the equipment easily damaged, and when lightning occurs in the vicinity of a thundercloud, lightning surges along the introduction of metal pipe, wire, especially along the overhead power line, signal line into lightning induced lightning accident occurred, then computers, televisions and other electrical easily damaged.

New building owners should go to the local meteorological window for lightning protection design review and final acceptance, prevent safety hazards exist congenital lightning protection devices.
Has been put to use, lightning detection mechanism to regularly commissioned to carry out technical testing to ensure lightning safety.

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 Mar. 25,2015