Lightning basic research driven technological innovation

 Multi-pulse surge protective device of the indicators should not only meet the current national standard GB18802.1-2011 " Low Voltage Distribution System Surge Protective Device (SPD) The first part of the performance requirements and test methods " and to comply with IEC 61643-11 " low voltage surge protection device (SPD) section 11 low voltage surge protector power systems - performance requirements and test methods "requirements , with pulse chase stream , breaking low -frequency , low residual voltage , electromagnetic compatibility, fire, explosion , and subjected to long multi-pulse lightning current shocks. The development of multi-pulse SPD not only have the appropriate test equipment , but also by limiting the volume of products , developed very difficult.

Yang Shaojie recently celebrated mine experts in the country 's first "provincial Lightning Products Laboratory testing standards and hands-on training workshop " revealed by our self-developed multi-pulse high-speed breaking modular SPD made a breakthrough , the indicators are being optimized.

February 2012 , by the Beijing and Shanghai testing center surge protective devices jointly developed crown while drawing order multiple blitz through expert group acceptance test system to achieve a high-pressure test SPD multi-pulse from a single pulse to the historic leap , to fill gaps in the world . In this experimental means of support, in August 2012 , MIG TECHNOLOGY AG low voltage distribution systems multi-pulse lightning Box STMP A-100/T1 Shield Lightning Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd. and multi-pulse two ports immunity surge protector products JD-2/20 (T2, T3) lightning protection device testing center in Beijing by simultaneously sequencing multiple lightning 10 lightning impulse test system GTI100-10 10/350 test and 8/ 20 test systems T1 and T2 test , the indicators have reached international advanced level.

According to Yang Shaojie , our country created the first multi-pulse high voltage test equipment news reported by the media , causing great concern in the International Electrotechnical Commission , IEC has asked Beijing and Shanghai testing center lightning protection devices Lightning Protection Technology Co., Ltd. crown Figure submit test methods and standards to enable multi-pulse test methods and equipment at home and abroad to promote possible. In addition, by the Guangdong Shunde Golden Shield inventor and developed multi-pulse van and two-port SPD also applied for national patents, research has entered optimize modular design stage , a large low -frequency pulse flow speed interrupter has entered the trial stage, Changzhou City Jie Electronics Co., Ltd. lightning original frequency controllable varistor breakdown point of concern by the industry.
Technology innovation is the core competitiveness of enterprises , basic research is the technical innovation of the source. In the past, our research base mine who do little work , most of the technical specifications are referenced foreign versions lack their own means of experiments and experimental data . China in the multi-pulse experiments methodological breakthroughs and the advent of a series of new products for China mine industry 's technological advances put up a new benchmark .
The only part in " Shenzhou ", " Chang E " , "Compass " three aerospace engineering lightning electromagnetic pulse protection enterprises Beijing Euro- On Technology Corp. , also in the electromagnetic environment effects and high-energy electromagnetic pulse protection countermeasures in the harvest technology accumulation and business opportunities, the company uses self-developed high-energy electromagnetic pulse inlet side guards and electromagnetic shielding technology and new materials , greatly reducing the high standards of the construction cycle electromagnetic shielding room , a national initiative.
State Council recently issued "on the strengthening the dominant position of technological innovation to enhance the innovation capability of enterprises opinions " will " strive to foster SME " as the 12 tasks. The next few years , the state will policy, financial , and human resources to increase the innovation capacity of SMEs to guide and support , strive to foster innovative enterprises, give full play to its leading role in technological innovation demonstration.
China Quality Association branch chairman Liu Geake lightning pointed to SMEs as the main mine industry , if carefully grasp the " opinions" connotation , will benefit.