Lightning and Surge Protection Method during Playing Scenic Mountains and Rivers

Lightning and Surge Protection Method during Playing Scenic Mountains and Rivers.

During peak travel period , most people go to the mountains and rivers favorite play. Many of these scenic rolling hills , clouds surrounded the microclimate fickle . Some mountains over 1000 meters above sea level , tourists in the mountains play, it is equivalent to exposure to the clouds , easy encounter convective weather. At 13:00 on the 14th and more, Ningbo Beilun Jiufengshan scenic lightning accidents occurred , resulting in a tourists were killed and 16 tourists were injured. Lightning protection is very important to grasp knowledge.

Do not opposition affair thunderstorms hilltop ridge , from open areas or stay top of the building , not in the lightning rod and deflectors near the iron fence and passing near overhead lines , do not rock or isolated large trees beside the shelter . Should be possible to avoid the metal roof of the vehicle , there is a building lightning protection devices are no cracks or deep and at the top of the cave . If one can not find a suitable location , choose the nearest flat at best , put on a raincoat , rubber feet close together squat , tuck your hands , his head buried between his knees , to minimize human height , reducing then flash area .

It is understood that due to lightning obviously selective , isolated prominent target vulnerable to lightning "favor ." Easy conductive objects , wet areas and easy conductive formations , as well as smaller local soil resistivity , lightning likely. Thus, in exploring the way, if you suddenly encountered a thunderstorm , you should immediately suspend tour, promptly return residence ; can not be returned , should be a relatively safe place to find the nearest shelter .
In addition to master the necessary knowledge of the mine , before traveling tour to learn about topography, thunderstorms occur in a timely manner in order to choose the right place to escape ; keep abreast of local weather forecasts , with particular attention to meteorological department issued a lightning warning ; summer in the mountains travel should wear rubber shoes , do not use metal handle of umbrella or guides banner ; encounter thunderstorms , do not use cell phones, MP3 and other wireless communication devices ; thunderstorms , do not stride run, in order to avoid the step voltage to cause casualties.