Lightning and surge protection is an important topic in Thailand.

Lightning and surge protection is an important topic in Thailand.
According to the statistics of Thailand Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, last year, it happened at least 1.3 million times lightning, which is more than the previous year 120 million, with an average there are 10 million times a month, each year about 100 people being struck by lightning, 30 of whom died.
According to the “Central News” quoted the Thai media reports, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand pointed out, lightning is more happened in southern Thailand, followed by the Northeast and eastern provinces, in particular, Chantaburi Province (Chanthaburi) and Da Lat province (in Trat).
Suvarnabhumi Airport (Suvarnabhumi airport) recently once struck by lightning, there are several loading luggage into the aircraft on the staff were injured.
According to reports, a reporter went to Cambodia three years ago for tourism and being struck by lightning, she said, the lightning is too fast, she did not know what happened, and then she was taken to hospital treatment. Many burns around her neck, but fortunately no injuries to the brain after she thinks it is because she was wearing a metal necklace attracted the lightning.
However, the high-pressure research laboratory of Chulalongkorn University researchers empty San contrary to the general common idea during a storm, wearing metal products even talk about the phone not attract lightning, low clouds produce negative ions, positive ions with the ground attractive.
He said that the people because of the lightning itself is injured, or hit a mine on the ground and then along the ground to hurt people. Most people are not directly Ray hit, but close to the conductive target.