lightning and surge protection hidden 5 crisis, new building must be lightning protected

Bureau of Meteorology lightning monitoring warning and protection technology center (referred to as "the Lightning center"), experts said: lightning and surge protection hidden embodied in the following five aspects:
First, the routine maintenance of surge protection devices are not in place. After investigation, the majority of the mine facilities put into use in unattended, fell into disrepair and other problems, the detection rate of less than 20%.
Second, anti-lightning equipment within the building does not meet the standard requirements. Survey, 80% of the distribution system, elevator machine room, fire monitoring equipment, anti-lightning equipment does not meet the standards.
Lack of defensive knowledge. Many people lack the basic lightning knowledge.
Fourth, rural areas are the "vulnerable zone" of lightning and surge protection.
Primary and secondary schools lightning safety work is relatively weak. Schools lightning facilities installation proportion is significantly lower, 88.9% of primary and secondary schools do not have to lightning and surge protection installation facilities.
New buildings must be lightning protected
In order to strengthen lightning disasters defense, and to reduce the lightning disaster losses, surge arresters with the main project of new buildings designed, constructed, acceptance and put into use, the building started to be "lightning protection", all New construction projects should install a surge arrester, and in accordance with relevant state surge protection regulatory requirements, so that the "dragnet" lightning and surge protection safety in the urban fabric of buildings concentrated.
Lack of management of the situation in most of the surge protection device is put into use, clearly defined, petroleum, chemical, inflammable and explosive materials, production and storage site, the surge protection device required every six months be tested once, and other important units tested once a year. The villagers of rural schools, rural bazaars and other crowded places and lightning risk level higher concentrated residential areas, the township (town) people's government shall organize to install surge protection devices.
In addition, schools should be lightning disasters defense the knowledge Narukepu educational content, training, and improve students' lightning disaster prevention awareness and self-help and mutual aid capacity.