Lightning activity in June is strong

According to incomplete statistics, in June the national lightning accident caused some of the buildings, electrical, electronic equipment damaged, causing huge economic losses. Lightning occurs in industries to the communications industry the most, followed by the power industry, in addition, there are 11 schools from lightning accident occurred.

It is noted from "National Lightning Disaster Report" that in June 2013 the country strong lightning activity. Reported from 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of lightning disaster reporting of statistics reported 379 accidents from lightning disaster, which occurred in rural areas reached 166 since the accident.
Provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, Zhejiang Leizai occurrences topped the list, up to 100 cases; while Jiangxi Province is the largest number of casualties caused by lightning disaster provinces.

Weather experts have warned the public in summer lightning storm-prone season, lightning occurs, you should close all doors and windows at home, cut off all the power and telephone plugs, away from metal pipes. Do not use jet shower, not the use of solar water heaters, not standing on the balcony, terrace and roof. When a lightning storm occurs, do not run in the rain, do not play hardcore umbrella, do not ride a bike, do not close to trees, poles and towering objects, not for high-altitude operations. Lightning storms occur, it is best to stay in a room with mine facilities. All types of buildings, communication facilities, electrical facilities, electronic information network systems, particularly oil, gas, coal, explosive and fire hazard must install lightning protection facilities to conduct regular safety testing, in order to effectively reduce the losses caused due to lightning.