Liao Ning Changhai: to carry out the county lightning safety inspection

Recently, a number of departments in Dalian Changhai County meteorological, safety supervision, fire and other safety inspection carried out jointly by the county's work, in order to guarantee the quality of this inspection, the county Bureau of Meteorology carefully examined to determine the programs and priorities, to determine a lightning protection system troubleshooting, priority areas for the fireworks, refueling stations and other flammable and explosive places, and to determine the content and scope of the inspection in accordance with the requirements, the inspection process in strict accordance with the laws, regulations and GB mine disaster reduction provisions of lightning protection static requirements check every detail and never let go, work to ensure that no dead ends.

The production safety inspection carried out the work, and achieved good results, and strengthen the production units lightning safety awareness, reduce or avoid accidents caused by lightning, the urgent need to maximize the protection of public safety and people's lives and property safety, lay a good foundation for the county work safety.

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June. 20, 2016