Laohekou: Joint emergency managment to carry out lightning protection safety inspections for urban gas companies

From July 15th to 16th, the Laohekou Meteorological Bureau of Hubei Province and the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau carried out special law enforcement inspections on lightning protection and safety of 21 urban gas companies in the jurisdiction, comprehensively investigated potential safety hazards, and effectively implemented industry safety supervision responsibilities.
The inspection team focused on whether the company's lightning protection safety management system is implemented, whether the hidden dangers of lightning protection are investigated, whether the emergency plan for meteorological disasters is established and complete, whether the lightning protection equipment is qualified, whether the lightning protection and antistatic facilities of the gas station and the gas tank area are complete, etc. , And check the operation status of gas storage tanks and gas station lightning protection and anti-static devices on the spot, put forward rectification requirements for existing hidden dangers and problems, and require enterprises to complete rectification within a time limit to ensure that hidden safety hazards are eliminated. At the same time, the inspection team also popularized the laws and regulations of lightning protection safety management and popular science knowledge of lightning disaster prevention to the staff of the inspected units, and improved their lightning disaster protection awareness and defense capabilities.

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Oct. 11, 2021