Langfang: Lightning Detection Project actively promote Metrology Accreditation

Recently, Hebei Langfang City center to complete lightning construction (structures) lightning protection devices, measurement certification programs explosion and fire hazard lightning protection device, electronic information system lightning protection device detected a total of 21 categories of parameters declaration, and through review of materials, marking Langfang lightning detection project the full realization of the measurement certification and went a solid step forward.

Since 2008, for the first time to carry out the measurement certification, Langfang city center by lightning and gradually establish a scientific and efficient lightning-detection mechanism of quality management system, business processes around scientific and normalization training, supervision and inspection of standardization, standardization of file management, explore the establishment of a has strong adaptability and enforceability of lightning detection mechanism of quality management system, so that personnel training, test instruments have, according to methods determined standard, supervised the process, the results of the review have greatly enhanced their anti lightning detection ability to work, and gradually achieve the standardization and standardized management.

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June. 13, 2016