Kang Ping: Check the lightning protection safety of flammable and explosive places and implement the main responsibility

On July 19, the Meteorological Bureau of Kangping County, Liaoning Province strengthened special inspections on lightning protection safety, and carried out lightning protection safety inspections at gas stations, gas stations and other key flammable and explosive places within its jurisdiction to eliminate potential safety hazards in a timely manner.
Inspectors conduct inspections on the company's implementation of relevant requirements for key meteorological disaster prevention units, establishment and publicity of lightning protection safety systems, regular inspections of lightning protection devices, and installation of lightning protection devices by means of data review and on-site verification. At the same time, the inspectors introduced the recent weather conditions in Kangping County to the person in charge of lightning protection and safety, focused on the knowledge of lightning disaster prevention, improved the awareness of disaster prevention and reduction of key management groups, and effectively implemented the main responsibility of the company's lightning protection and safety production.

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July. 19, 2021