Jiyuan power company: for the grid lightning issue, "recipe"

November 10, at 10 kV Jiyuan Yellow line on the 8th RMU, Jiyuan power company distribution transport inspection professionals are here tension grounding means transformation.

In the summer distribution network equipment grounding resistance measurement, Jiyuan power company found that as long run time, part of the cable branch box, RMU original grounding device has lost the preferred lightning effect. To effectively prevent lightning hazards on the grid, Jiyuan power company since the beginning of September on the city's distribution cable branch box, ring net cabinet grounding device implementation of the transformation.

Jiyuan company overcome the adverse road excavation, urban gardens and other difficulties, after nearly two months of fighting, has completed 109 cable branch boxes, grounding resistance transformation RMU. "The transformation of the grid on a lightning layer 'Insurance', greatly increasing the power capacity of the winter lightning."

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Nov. 16, 2015