Jintai: Meteorological Education Jointly Strengthens School Lightning Disaster Prevention

China Meteorological News correspondent Zhao Liangjun reported Recently, the Jintai District Meteorological Bureau of Baoji City, Shaanxi Province and the District Education Bureau jointly issued a notice to further strengthen the school's lightning protection disaster prevention work.
The notice requires that the District Meteorological Bureau and the Education Bureau strengthen the lightning disaster prevention to ensure the safety of life and property of teachers and students. The District Education Bureau should effectively strengthen the supervision and guidance of lightning protection safety work, and incorporate meteorological science knowledge such as lightning disaster prevention into the school teaching content. All schools in the district should implement the main responsibility of lightning protection safety, do a good job in building lightning protection construction management and safety inspection according to relevant norms and standards, set lightning protection and danger prevention signs, establish and improve emergency disposal plans, and establish and improve lightning disaster reporting system. . The Meteorological Bureau shall do a good job in the investigation and appraisal of lightning disasters, actively carry out the meteorological disaster prevention publicity and education activities with the theme of “Meteorological Science Popularization School”, strengthen cooperation with the education department, share resources, and fully rely on the distance education system and education network of primary and secondary schools. And other platforms, actively promote the knowledge of lightning protection science, and further improve teachers and students' awareness of lightning protection and self-rescue and mutual assistance.

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Sept.17, 2018