Jining: Carry out lightning protection safety supervision and inspection for key units

Jining City Meteorological Bureau of Shandong Province carried out the city-wide lightning protection and safety production 100-day campaign, and carried out lightning protection safety supervision and inspection of 50 key lightning protection units including PetroChina and Sinopec.
The inspection team conducted a comprehensive inspection on the safety inspection of lightning protection devices, the construction and implementation of lightning protection safety systems, the investigation and remediation of hidden dangers, and the establishment of emergency plans in key units by means of on-site surveys and file information. A list of potential lightning safety hazards and a rectification notice were issued on the spot where the problems were discovered, and the problem units were ordered to rectify within a time limit, and the inspection results were announced on the "Internet + Supervision" platform. The inspection team emphasized the importance of safe production and publicized legal knowledge to the heads of all units.

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April. 05, 2021