Jinghong City, a serious village of lightning thrown on the "lightning protection"

Recently, the Jinghong City, Yunnan Province, the government for the town of Kina Township, the construction of 15 lightning tower and the corresponding lightning protection device officially put into use. At this point, Jinghong City has more than 30 lightning for serious village built lightning protection facilities. This is the gradual elimination of the city's long-standing lightning hazards, by the masses as "popular project."

Jinghong City for multi-ethnic settlements, area of ​​90% of the population living in the mountain half-mountain area. According to statistics, Jinghong City thunderstorm days up to 103 days. Among them, the big Menglong town thunderstorm days up to 157 days, "China Lei are" said. According to the survey, in Jinghong City, 99 villages, there are 66 villages for the high incidence of lightning disasters, of which five townships 9 natural villages are the most affected areas of lightning, there have been lightning deaths or injuries. The rest of the natural village each year there are many lightning strikes the villagers of household appliances, housing incidents, the villagers suffering from the bitter disaster.

In order to do a good job in rural lightning disaster reduction work, in recent years, Jinghong municipal government to take a variety of initiatives to establish a long-term mechanism of rural lightning mitigation: from 2005 onwards, the city government each year to allocate special funds for rural lightning Facilities to further clarify the rural lightning disaster reduction management functions, strengthen rural lightning management; strengthen the rural lightning defense knowledge and lightning disaster reduction management work publicity, establish and improve the publicity network, the formation of a grasping level, layers of implementation Long-term publicity mechanism, and effectively to lightning disaster reduction work to the villagers group, so that the village does not leak households, households do not leak, and gradually change the "passive lightning" as "active lightning" and "self-defense."

According to reports, according to the plan, Jinghong municipal government will continue to increase investment in rural lightning construction efforts, and then 2 to 3 years to complete the city's 66 lightning disaster prevention facilities construction. At the same time, the meteorological department is also carefully planned, in order to speed up the construction of lightning protection facilities continue to work.

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May.01, 2017