Jianzha County Meteorological Bureau to improve the coordination of departments to strengthen lightning disaster reduction work

In order to further strengthen the cooperation and improve the departmental cooperation mechanism, and strictly implement the responsibility system of lightning protection and disaster reduction, efforts to reduce the loss of lightning disaster, recently, Qinghai Province Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Jianzha County meteorological, housing construction, development and reform, Economic and Commercial Affairs and Safety Supervision and other departments jointly issued "on the further improvement of departmental coordination mechanism in accordance with the law to do a good job of lightning disaster reduction notice" (hereinafter referred to as "notice"), to strengthen the county lightning disaster mitigation work to do a specific deployment.

"Notice" requirements, first, the project approval departments at all levels in the regional planning, major regional economic development projects to take into account the climate feasibility and risk of meteorological disasters, mine construction projects should be supporting funds into the main construction investment Budget; Second, the construction administrative departments in accordance with the law on the construction quality of the implementation of an integrated supervision and management, lightning protection devices to design review, construction supervision and completion of acceptance into the local capital construction management procedures; Third, construction quality supervision agencies and meteorological agencies Lightning protection units to establish a scientific, effective and convenient mechanism for cooperation, the lightning protection device construction supervision and completion of acceptance into the scope of comprehensive supervision and management; Fourth, the lightning safety work into the annual production target assessment management system; Fifth, the construction and use of units Lightning protection to reduce its production safety conditions for a special argument, commissioned a professional lightning protection institutions in accordance with the law of lightning risk assessment of safety pre-evaluation, safety acceptance assessment, comprehensive assessment of safety status and special safety evaluation.

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Dec. 12, 2016