Jiangxi Suichuan power company to build a strong network equipment lightning safety net

Recently, Suichuan County power company transmission line classes in accordance with the provisions of the company's lightning for 35 kV lines in three groups Ya damaged arrester replacement.

 Current thunderstorm-prone, in order to effectively improve grid lightning resilience, Suichuan County power company carry out special work lightning substation facilities and transmission lines, distribution equipment and facilities, to build a strong grid lightning barrier, to ensure network equipment safe, reliable and smooth operation.

 The company developed and improved lightning protection and lightning accident repair plan, increase the intensity of lightning detection facilities transmission, transformation and distribution equipment for damage and replace aging parts in a timely manner; the whole process of the implementation of the power grid Lightning preventive measures The track management, important equipment, it is important to carry out the live test line arrester, found hidden in a timely arrangement eliminating defects; for lightning protection, and voltage monitoring device for precision monitoring to ensure protection all put into use, to avoid damage caused by lightning strikes the secondary system and communication equipment Interrupt, enhanced ability to prevent the grid itself.

Up to now, the company has for more than 80 lines of a special lightning-detection and inspection, the timely replacement, installation of 127 sets of lightning facilities, protection of personal thunderstorm season, equipment, grid security.

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July. 20,2015