Jiangxi Fenyi: install lightning arrester to enhance line "immunity"

May 13rd, Fenyi County power company shipped three-shift operation and maintenance of the seizure of power distribution is installing the lightning arrester on 10 kV Whitewater line, enhanced line lightning protection.

Since Fenyi county hilly terrain, combined with more underground metal mines category, in the past a lot of lightning in the spring and summer, a larger proportion of line trip lightning, lightning protection grid made higher demands. In response to this situation, the company's use of the current spring safety inspection, construction and maintenance of the power grid and other power transformation opportunities, full installation of the line arrester, enhanced line lightning "immunity."
The line arrester installation site caused by lightning strikes in previous years, the main choice of insulator, surge arresters and other equipment breakdown or damaged more line segments, the line long distances with little or no lightning arrester installed distribution transformers, switches and other equipment, and insufficient density arrester section. Through the installation of surge arresters to the line that "lightning armor" that can effectively reduce the line trip thunderstorm season, caused by lightning, thunderstorm bad weather to improve power grid reliability.

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May. 18,2015