Jiangxi: Fangzong meteorological joint the lightning inspection

China Meteorological reported April 8, Jiangxi Provincial Meteorological Bureau and Fangzong fifth inspection teams to go and Yingtan, Shangrao City, the province in 2015 to carry out a second flood and lightning inspection, comprehensive inspection cities flood control work arrangements, anti-lightning management system implementation and deployment of rural lightning disaster prevention. It is understood that this is the first time in Jiangxi flood mitigation work and work with the deployment of the lightning, with the check.

Check the view taken by the scene, access to information, listening to the reports and discussions, etc., flood control and responsibility for the implementation of the two cities, construction in flood defense, flood control material reserves, rescue team organization, disaster prevention measures for the implementation of flash floods, lightning management system implementation situation, crowded places of lightning disaster prevention measures in the implementation and deployment of lightning disaster prevention in rural areas to carry out a comprehensive inspection, and also were selected 3-4 counties to conduct field inspections.

The flood and lightning inspection Jiangxi Province Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters and meteorological disasters in accordance with the requirements of the provincial headquarters of the members of the conference and the province's flood control Fangzong conference, combined with an indication of the province's government to carry out lightning disaster the special inspection. Provincial Meteorological Bureau, led or participated in eight inspection teams to across the province for a period of 10 days to check fragmentation. Part Fangzong addition to participating members of the unit slice checks, will combine their respective responsibilities, to carry out targeted flood control checks.

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April. 13,2015