It's best not to go into the guard box when it is thundering

Outdoors are the most vulnerable to lightning damage during thunderstorms. Experts suggest that when walking in thunderstorms, you should wear raincoats or support wooden or bamboo handle umbrellas instead of iron handle umbrellas.
Be careful to avoid getting close to the outer walls of buildings and electrical equipment, and try not to enter temporary sheds, sentry boxes and other buildings without lightning protection facilities.
Do not hide under the tree to avoid the rain. If you have to stay under the tree, you must keep a distance of more than two meters from the tree body and branches. You should squat with your feet together as much as possible, your hands on your knees, and your arms not to touch the ground. If you can put on a raincoat for better results, don't lie on the ground. Avoid crowding together.
Do not stay on the top of a mountain, ridge or building. Avoid activities that interact with water, such as fishing, boating, and swimming. Don't lift any slender and protruding objects such as umbrellas, shovels, fishing rods, and clubs in the wilderness.

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Aug.03, 2020