Internet cafe wiring power and network wiring experience

 The most basic services provided by Internet cafes, such as web browsing, online games, online movies, and distance education, are all related to the Internet. The quality of the Internet directly determines the viability of the Internet Cafe. Therefore, how to plan a high-quality network environment is an important point that Internet cafe operators must consider. The comprehensive wiring of Internet cafes accounts for a large number of factors. There are two main parts: power wiring and network wiring.
的 Wiring of power system
The wiring of the Internet cafe power system can be divided into three steps: design, construction, and acceptance. In these three steps, you need to pay attention to the following rules and matters.
One, wiring design
Now the city power supply system generally adopts a three-phase four-wire power supply mode. It is recommended that Internet cafes that are still using two-phase power supply be replaced with a three-phase four-wire power supply mode. For ordinary Internet cafes, the main electricity systems of Internet cafes are:
  1. Air-conditioning: For Internet cafes, air-conditioning has become a standard configuration. Generally, cabinet-type air-conditioning is used, and the power consumption is large, and each power is generally between 3500-4500W. Therefore, when designing the power wiring system, the air conditioner must be equipped with a dedicated power line.
  2. Computer: Generally, when designing the power system wiring of Internet cafes, it is easy to make a mistake. It is believed that the power cord used by the computer can be pulled at will. In fact, the largest total load in the Internet cafe is the computer. Without the speaker, the power is generally about 150W. The number of machines increases, and the power increases significantly. Therefore, the power cables used by Internet cafe computers should not be connected in series one by one, but using grouped point connections. The specific method is as follows:
Connect a 10A three-core national standard socket (a separate socket embedded in the wall) as a point every 1.5 meters or so, and then connect the above-mentioned multi-hole socket. Within 1.5 meters, there will be 4-5 computers Use this socket to connect power; then, according to the actual situation, the computer is divided into 10 or 16 groups, each group is controlled by an air switch, the entire Internet cafe can be divided into 4-6 groups or more.
合理 According to the load of each trunk, reasonably select the model of the power cord. Generally speaking, the trunk line uses copper core wire, and the following branch lines can use aluminum core wire (I suggest that it is best to use GB copper core wire for all lines in the power system of Internet cafes). At the same time, according to the load of the power supply reasonably select power cables of different specifications.
3. Network equipment and lighting equipment: For Internet cafes with professional cabinets, it is recommended to add UPS backup power to high-value network equipment such as routers to protect the safety of network equipment.
Specific construction
  1. The power supply wiring should be carried out in synchronization with the room decoration. For the beauty of the Internet cafe environment, it is not advisable to arrange the power cord in a bright place. It can be placed in a PVC pipe or a dedicated power cord channel.
  2. For the more important trunk lines, it is best to arrange one more line as a backup line during wiring construction. At the same time, in order to avoid affecting the transmission quality of the network cable and telephone line, it is best to go through a pipe or PVC slot separately for the power cord. For some pipelines that are not easy to carry out secondary construction, be sure to route equipment.
3. When selecting the specifications of the power supply trunk and branch lines, it is recommended to float the value by 50 to 80% based on the current load power to meet the power supply requirements of future Internet cafe machine upgrades.
4. When laying the power cord, some marks should be made. Each line controlled by the air switch must be recorded in detail.
三 、 Acceptance
后 After all power wiring work is completed, a series of inspections and inspections must be performed before all wiring ducts are closed. The detection of the power system is mainly divided into the following aspects:
  1. Test whether all equipment works normally: After the power cabling of the Internet cafe is finished, please test whether all the circuits can work normally and the air switch is working normally.
  2. Internet cafe full load operation: After running the first step of the test, the equipment in the Internet cafe is opened in batches, and gradually reaches the full load power operation of the Internet cafe. It is best to run at full load for more than 24 hours so as to verify the true performance of the power wiring system. During full load operation, if the air switch automatically trips or the fuse is blown, be sure to check the cause carefully.
3. Internet cafe overload operation: After full load operation, you can perform overload operation for a short time to check the quality and compression performance of the power system. The time of overload operation can be about ten hours, and the test can be performed according to the actual situation.
24. Several issues that need attention
In the whole process of Internet cafe power supply wiring, some small issues must be taken seriously, and some small mistakes may cause unpredictable losses.
  1. Installation of the ground wire: Careful technicians will find that in the three-phase power plug of the computer, the core responsible for grounding does not have a power wire, that is, it lacks effective grounding measures. However, the computer and some network equipment in the Internet cafe may generate some static electricity in the shell during normal work. If there is no effective grounding measures, static electricity may accumulate to a certain degree, which may burn out the hardware or hurt people. Therefore, you must install a ground wire when wiring the Internet cafe power supply.
  2. Lightning protection measures: In the eyes of many technicians, lightning protection seems to be irrelevant to Internet cafes. However, if there is no good lightning protection measures for Internet cafes, all equipment in the Internet cafes may be burned when they encounter lightning strikes.
3. Backup line: For the main line of the Internet cafe power system or some lines that are not convenient for maintenance, it is necessary to distribute the equipment. If the main line is damaged, replace it with a backup line immediately. Especially for the Internet cafes in operation, the distribution of equipment lines is a major measure to improve the Internet cafes' own competitiveness.
4. High-quality wiring closet: For more than 100 Internet cafes, it is best to prepare a separate space to install air switches, UPS and other Internet cafe power equipment when designing the power system.
5. In Internet cafes using a three-phase four-wire power supply system, when designing the power supply system, ensure that the load of the three hot wires does not differ too much, and the difference is about 500W is the best.
The wiring of the power system of the Internet cafe should be done by a professional electrician or a professional comprehensive wiring person, and the wiring records should be recorded. The scope and direction of each power line should be recorded in the file. To facilitate future maintenance.

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April. 13, 2020