Individual how to protect hiself from lightning

● should stay indoors and shut doors and windows; people who work outdoors should be taken refuge in the buildings.

Lightning protection measures should not be using the TV, stereo and other electrical appliances should not be used taps.

● Do not touch the antenna, water pipes, wire, metal doors and windows, building facades, away from the wires and other energized equipment or other similar metal installations.

● reduce the use of telephone and mobile phone.

• Do not swim or engage in other water sports, is not suitable for outdoor ball games, and leave the water as well as other open space, to find a place to escape.

● Do not stand on top of the hill, roof or other close conductive objects.

● Do not handle open containers bearing the flammable materials.

● in the wilderness can not be taken refuge in the lightning protection facilities within the building, away from the trees and the mast.

● In the open space should not be an umbrella, not badminton, golf club on his shoulders.

● should not drive a motorcycle, riding a bicycle.