India MOSERBAER Group founded representative office in Shanghai

A few days ago, Moser Baer Power & Infrastructure Limited, which is under India MOSERBAER Group, announced its representative office in Shanghai. India consulate in Shanghai, and Shanghai General Electric, Harbin Electrical, East China Electric Power to participate in the conference.
In the event, India MOSERBAER Group CEO announced that this Shanghai representative office, will be responsible for coordinating China electric power equipment suppliers, electrical design institute of technology and put forward business problem.
According to information, as a diversified group company, India MOSERBAER Group’s business areas cover CD manufacturing, solar cells and modules manufacturing and entertainment industry, consumer electronics and information technology equipment manufacturing. As India's flagship company, founded in 1983, the annual turnover of more than $600 million, more than $1.6 billion to the assets of the company, the company employs about 9000 people. Among them, the energy business areas have solar thermal power, water and electricity, 3 business sectors, dedicated to the national energy demand development.
It is reported, India MOSERBAER group and MOSERBAER power infrastructure Co., LTD., plan to develop power project 13000 MW in India until 2020. 2010 years of construction projects of 4000 MW, the plant will in 2013 ~ 2015 enabled.