In Bangladesh, lightning attack death number is 1/4 of global

Bangladesh has a big lightning surge protection market. According to Bangladesh media reported on 22, nearly a year in Bangladesh, 100 more than a quarter of the lightning attack deaths, most of them are women and children, this figure is the total number of global annual lightning death.
Bangladesh's Independent quoted the figures of the U.S. National Lightning Safety Institute said that the global annual number of deaths by lightning attacks for about 400 people, and government agencies in Bangladesh data show that in the past 12 months, lightning, killing at least 102 people.
In Bangladesh, the most serious event of a lightning attack occurred in May, in the northwest of the country, 302 km from the capital, Dhaka, check sent Nuowa Bu Gan Jie County, within a day lightning attack caused nine people including six children died.
Bangladesh southeastern mountainous Ke Gela coke in the county, this year 18 people died from lightning attacks. A county police spokesman, said the local was among those killed by the lightning attack a lot of farmers were assaulted when they are working in the fields, there are a lot of victims are women and children, they are built with thatch and bamboo housing the lightning attack deaths.
In Bangladesh, it is a long time rainy season. During the rainy season, lightning attacks frequent. There are some local officials pointed out that the lightning attacks women and children in high mortality, because many residential lack of lightning safety measures, especially the little lightning and other facilities in rural areas, housing.