Huo Qiu: Multi-sector joint joint inspection of lightning protection safety

Zhang Yan, correspondent of China Meteorological News, recently reported that the Huoqiu County Meteorological Bureau of Anhui Province cooperated with the security supervision, housing construction, and business departments to carry out special inspections on lightning protection safety for the production, storage and operation of inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. There are 118 dangerous enterprises such as gas stations, liquefied gas stations, fireworks and firecrackers, explosives warehouses and chemical plants. The inspection contents include the implementation of lightning protection safety responsibility system, installation and maintenance of lightning protection devices and regular inspection and implementation, etc. A notice of rectification was issued on the spot, requiring the company to rectify within a time limit. At the same time, inspectors preach relevant policies and regulations and lightning disaster prevention knowledge to enterprises.

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April.15, 2019