Hunan Lengshuijiang: City leaders led lightning production safety inspection work

For production work to further strengthen the leadership of the Municipal Meteorological industry safety and effectively prevent and curb the production safety accidents, Hunan Lengshuijiang City Municipal Committee, Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission for Discipline Inspection Yang Wei Long rates, weather, safety supervision and other departments security inspection team composed of three meteorological a Chemical group, Fuyuan alkali industry Co., safety inspection work.

Yang Wei Long line for the two companies lightning safety management organization establishment, the lightning safety laws and regulations, the implementation of rules and regulations, the establishment of lightning safety responsibility system, the new and renovation and expansion project of lightning engineering design audit inspection cases, existing lightning protection facilities operation and inspection, lightning worker safety knowledge education and training as well as contingency plans for the establishment of lightning safety and so in-depth and detailed examination.

Yang Wei Long affirmed enterprise lightning production safety work, and problems raised guidance, he noted, production safety responsibility is extremely heavy, we must do alarm bells ringing, firmly grasp the enterprise as the main person in charge of the first responsible person, to further strengthen mine safety responsibility, and improving lightning safety awareness; to establish and improve industry safety hazards ledger; to thoroughly troubleshoot and promptly eliminate all kinds of hazards, the real work to do painstaking, production according to the law in accordance with regulations to ensure that companies are not accidents, ensure the safety of life and property of the people.

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Aug. 08, 2016