Hunan is doing the lightning "physical examination" for Aizhai large suspension bridge

In order to timely detection and elimination of lightning safety hazards, to ensure the safe operation of key transportation hub, July 23, Hunan Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture Meteorological Bureau lightning protection center technical staff of Jishou Aizha large suspension bridge and its ancillary buildings Lightning protection facilities for safety testing. The test results show that the overall performance of Aizhai Bridge lightning protection facilities is good.

Xiangxi Lightning Detection Center in strict accordance with the technical specifications and testing procedures, the use of 15 working days of time on the bridge anchor cable, grounding devices, power systems, monitoring equipment, lightning rods, sling, tourist channel steel truss Liang and other bridges and ancillary facilities of the 2486 test points for a comprehensive test.

As the control project of Jisha Expressway, the main span of the four "world first" Aizhai Bridge is 1176 meters long, and the terrain and mountainous terrain are obvious. The microclimate is obvious in the mountainous area and belongs to thunderstorm prone area. Towers and cable and so easily lead to thunder strokes, so lightning detection to protect the safety of the bridge is very important.

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Oct. 10, 2016