Hunan completed the first run of the domestic sampling test for DC lightning arrester

Early April 2015, during a national network of Hunan Electric Power Company conducted ± 500 kV line maintenance River City, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute, Hunan complete the lightning arrester site sampling test, the test is the first time in the country, for the security line stability run provides an important safeguard. Company leadership attaches great importance to this field test, conducted a site inspection guidance.

± 500 kV line north of River City Jiangling Converter Station, south goose converter station, line corridor complex topography, strong line corridors lightning activity, leading to frequent lightning strikes fault. 2013 Company of the United Nations network of EPRI, the River City line lightning governance for the first time using a 500 kV DC lightning arrester.

To grasp its operation, good operating performance assessment, Hunan EPRI in this period maintenance outage, running arrester conducted routine sampling tests. Considering the transport and protection equipment, the hospital decided to conduct trials in the tower site location, test and evaluate the position after passing the original tower is still hanging run.

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April. 11,2015