Hunan complete the checking of lightning protection and grounding EHV grid communications

 Hunan Electric Power Company completed the overhaul Hunan supergrid core disaster communications equipment and facilities lightning protection and grounding checks.
For storm season approaching, the focus of this work is the core of the 500 kV substation communications equipment, disaster recovery core microwave equipment. Hunan Power disaster communications equipment, is in the case of a major disaster under the most important alternative communication device is power in extreme cases can still maintain a smooth way to protect, at present, Hunan Power disaster mainly in microwave communications equipment, equipment for Carrier the Lord.

To ensure communication devices play an important role in disaster recovery, disaster recovery communication device contains a total of five items of lightning checked 38 key points. Communications staff will inspect the project to form a table-by-point examination, point by point correction, clearance by point, the successful completion of the lightning protection and grounding checks under the jurisdiction of the rectification of all communications station.

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 April. 01,2015