Hubei tourist attractions lightning disaster prevention demonstration project through demonstration

China Demonstration Meeting on Demonstration of Lightning Protection and Avoidance of Tourist Attractions in Hubei Province was held in Wuhan. The expert group is composed of experts from the Chinese Light Meteorological Society, Wuhan University, Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute of Nanrui, Anhui Lightning Protection Center, Hubei Provincial Tourism Bureau and Hubei Provincial Meteorological Bureau and other units.

Scenic spots include Yichang Three Gorges Scenic Area (5A), Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area (4A), Huanggang Macheng Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area (4A). After listening to the program of the construction side, the expert group inquired and discussed the relevant content.

In the discussion session, the experts for in Hubei Province scenic spots lightning suggestions, such as the scenic spots in the densely staffed and the main building of the scenic structure of the coordination of lightning protection devices, laying area security warning signs, timely release of lightning warning Information.

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Jan.02, 2017