Hubei proposed tourist attractions lightning disaster prevention demonstration sites

According to the "Hubei Provincial Meteorological Science Museum renovation and popularization of science and technology to implement the implementation of the program," Hubei Province to be launched lightning shelter demonstration sites for Hubei tourism to carry out fixed, quantitative, regular fine Lightning protection services to further enhance the tourism meteorological service capacity for the tourism management departments, tourism operators and the majority of passengers to provide quality meteorological services for the effective disaster prevention and mitigation areas to promote the construction of Hubei Wisdom Tourism Scenic Area and tourism information development Real - time lightning warning information. Through lightning shelter demonstration sites to improve the awareness of tourists weather disaster prevention and mitigation, thunderstorms for the occurrence of tourists to provide some security measures.

 At present, according to the actual situation of Hubei Province tourist attractions, selected the Yichang Three Gorges Scenic Area (5A), Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area (4A), Huanggang Macheng Guifeng Mountain Scenic Area (4A) three tourist attractions construction lightning protection demonstration sites The The main construction content includes four aspects, one is the construction of lightning monitoring and early warning system, that is, in the three tourist scenic spot management office to build a set of lightning monitoring and early warning system, equipped with the corresponding electronic display, by lightning warning and lightning monitoring Information sent to the electronic display to guide and evacuate tourists to avoid lightning disasters; the second is the construction of lightning protection facilities, that is, the concentration of tourists within the area of ​​the buildings and landscape structures to build effective lightning protection devices (such as buildings, temples, monument The construction of the installation and installation of the kiosk, both the protection of the building, but also provides a lightning protection site), if the tourist concentration of the region is relatively open, according to the size of the open area, the construction of a set or a few sets of high-rod advance discharge lightning rods or bionic The three places of scenic science propaganda and construction, that is, in the scenic map on the map marked a number of lightning protection and security area, in the tour guide set up a number of publicity on the route to the police station, Display panels, to carry out meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation science propaganda construction to improve the majority of tourists Meteorological disaster prevention and mitigation awareness, to remind tourists in case of thunderstorms, timely and effective to avoid. Fourth, the construction of scenic safety signs, that is, the installation of lightning protection devices or lightning location, marked safety warning signs and fence, indicating a safe area, clearly marked its use and nature, while preventing damage.

It is reported that the construction project has completed the pre-site investigation and implementation of the program preparation work is expected by the end of this year to complete the project construction work.

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May.22, 2017