Hubei: Lightning science classroom into the armed forces

Recently, Hubei Lightning center technicians to Chinese People's Armed Police Detachment Wuhan ships brigade, safety testing of its owned buildings and equipment, but also for all military officers and soldiers carried out a distinctive technology condolences.

The Lightning Protection Center of the technical staff of many key areas of lightning protection devices troops belong distribution room, control room, police officers on duty military outposts and water management zones were free testing, stressed the safety of the lightning work, there are security risks for the site presented a detailed corrective actions. Meanwhile, the event also launched a comprehensive lightning protection lectures, including not only the formation of lightning, thunder and lightning hazards common sense, but also for water operations forces special environment, it is "focused lightning ship" "Military equipment, lightning protection elements" and "Outdoor Lightning Precautions" and explain to the officers and men, and to interact with the soldiers live Q & A, free distribution of more than 50 parts of lightning brochures. Activities not only improve the scientific police officers of lightning awareness and disposal capacity occurs when lightning disasters, but also to ensure the safety of officers and the smooth progress of the work of the flood season to provide a quality guarantee.

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Oct. 26, 2015