Hubei: Lightning protection escorts for Beidou Navigation

Zhao Tao, correspondent of China Meteorological News, recently reported that the Hubei Earthquake Administration and the Hubei Provincial Bureau of Surveying and Mapping took the lead and invited the Hubei Lightning Protection Center to conduct a comprehensive “physical examination” of the lightning protection device of the “One Net” infrastructure site in Beidou Navigation, Hubei Province. Ensure that it operates safely during the Seventh World Military Games in 2019.
Many places in Beidou navigation in Hubei Province are located in the mountainous areas such as Enshi, Shiyan and Fuyang. The temperature in mountainous areas sometimes reaches below zero, and the lightning protection test environment is very difficult. In order to complete the lightning protection technical service work with quality and quantity, the technicians overcome the difficulties, carefully check whether the shielding of the grounding lines of each key equipment meets the requirements, and whether the various lightning protection devices are in normal operation. After half a month of meticulous testing, the technicians found that some of the observation pier grounding resistance values ​​exceeded the standard, the lightning rod was severely corroded, the grounding grid of the main grounding network was severely corroded, and the design of the monitoring system was not standardized. The earthquake and surveying and mapping department immediately indicated that it should be rectified immediately to ensure the safe and effective operation of all kinds of monitoring equipment and lightning protection devices of Beidou Navigation.
It is reported that the “One Net” infrastructure of Beidou Navigation provides monitoring programs for 20 types of monitoring objects such as bridges, hidden danger points and reservoir dams, and is also a key project of the “Smart Hubei” construction project promoted by the Hubei Provincial Government. Because the navigation site is located at the top of the mountain and next to the reservoir, the lightning environment is extremely harsh and vulnerable to lightning damage. It is the key service target for lightning protection testing every year.

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Sept.24, 2018