Hubei Huangshi power company for the transmission line to install lightning arresters

Since last year, in order to further improve the power transmission line lightning, thunder resistance level, to ensure supply reliability of transmission line thunderstorm season, Hubei Huangshi power company to set up in the territory of 110 kV transmission line between the mountains of the installation of the arrester.

Considering the Yellowstone section 110 kV tower erected on the hills between the mountains, the thunderstorm season vulnerable to lightning, causing the line to trip and damage, affect the stable operation of the line. Yellowstone power company by conducting site survey and data analysis, lightning trip to find lots of lightning activity is frequent in the case of the measures put in place to ensure the safety of the installation of transmission lines targeted arrester. Up to this year, Yellowstone power company has completed the installation of 11 base tower arrester work has laid a solid foundation for the safe and stable operation of the transmission line thunderstorm season.

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 Mar. 19,2015