Huangshan weather and actively explore new ways of rural lightning disaster prevention

Recently, Huangshan Municipal Meteorological Bureau, "Rural Innovation Rural lightning management to improve the level of lightning" project was honored in 2013 the province's meteorological department 10 innovation.

Huangshan City is located in the mountains of southern Anhui, is a thunderstorm-prone areas. To improve the new rural community level lightning disaster prevention, Huangshan Municipal Meteorological Bureau have conducted active exploration: Huangshan lightning zoning study carried out risk one. The use of nearly 60 in the coming year thunderstorm observation data Huangshan City 6 meteorological observation stations recorded lightning recorded cases for nearly 10 years and Anhui lightning monitoring and warning system lightning location information on the situation of the city lightning comprehensive evaluation, drawn Huangshan City thunder and lightning disaster risk zoning map. Second, with the beautiful City Office jointly issued a document to regulate the construction of beautiful countryside lightning disaster prevention work. It requires the county to do a better lightning safety science popularization education into building better rural education and training system. Meteorology, planning, design, construction, safety supervision, public security departments to strengthen the new rural community building (structure) building materials construction norms lightning protection device according to management. Third, we published the "Huangshan City Rural Housing Practical Atlas lightning design and construction." Fourth, to carry out construction work in the beautiful countryside "mine model village" construction. Town and Huangshan District, signed "lightning model village" building a framework agreement, the Huangshan District, Town Union in the village as "lightning model village."

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May. 03, 2016